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2010 Lisbon (Portugal)


August 28

R1 - How to develop Academic capacity

R2 - Resources to support medicines information services

R3 - Forum for innovators

August 29

R4 - Pharmacy in Portugal

R5 - Learning to teach workshop

August 30

A1 - Pharmacy as a Profession: Today and Tomorrow

B1 - Adherence to treatment

C2 - Why is Dissolution Testing still needed?

C3 - Evolution of pharmaceutical care by molecular diagnosis at genome and post-genome era

D1 - Contemporary challenges for the Pharmacy Profession

D2 - Preparing the pharmacy for the new business model

E1 - Short oral communications from the Academic Pharmacy Section

E2 - Developing an Academic career

E3 - Clinical Biology - an educational challenge

F1 - Dealing with special patients workshop

G1 - Pharmacy building bridges

G2 - Regulatory dialogue in building sustainable environment for pharma innovation

G3 - Patient packs versus dispensing from bulk - worldwide experience of individualised packaging of medicines for patients

August 31

A2 - Medicines that Changed the World: past, present and future

B2 - Pharmacogenetics: pharmacists get ready!

C4 - Gaps in Drug Development and strategies to avoid the risk and increase drug safety

C5 - Approving Generics without human bioequivalence studies

D3 - Forum for policy makers - Trends in community pharmacy

D4 - Implementation of the Basel Statements - Country and Regional Action: the evidence

D5 - Leadership in Practice

E4 - 5th Global consultation on Pharmacy Education

F2 - Public Health Pharmacy - An unveiling paradigm of quintessential Pharmaceutical Care, Practice and therapeutic outcomes

G4 - Using Clinical Microbiology Data to Improve Antiinfective Utilization at bedside

G5 - Social, Political and Biological Aspects of Anti Microbial Resistance: an integrated approach

G6 - Using Pharmacy Technology to improve patient outcomes and safety

H1 - The Best industrial pharmacy contributions of 2010 - Short Oral Communications

H2 - From Prescription-only medicine to Over-the-counter. Could the pharmacy-only medicine category be the best alternative? Perspectives from different stakeholders

September 1

A3 - The Journey Towards Better Outcomes

A4 - Getting from Here to There

C6 - Nanomedicine: integrating nanotechnology in health care

C7 - Advanced therapies: pharmaceuticals’ new dimension?

D6 - Practitioners’ Day (part 1/2)

D7 - Practitioners’ Day (part 2/2)

E5 - Engaging learners in Continuing Professional Development workshop

F3 - Influenza A (H1N1) pandemic: facing the global challenges

F4 - Optimising Outcomes in an Operational Environment

G7 - Combating counterfeit medicines (part 1)

G8 - Combating counterfeit medicines (part 2)

H6 - Pharmacists: an untapped potential in Tuberculosis control

September 2

C8 - The need for new antibiotics combating resistant bacteria

D8 - Pharmacists serving patients - Short Oral Communications

E6 - Competence in pharmacies - the roles of internships and Life Long Learning (part 1/2)

G10 - Current issues in medicine and healthcare information - Short Oral Communications

G9 - Balancing safety management and sustainable innovation: What can Pharma learn from other industries?

H4 - Working Group History of Pharmacy (part 1)

H5 - Working Group History of Pharmacy (part 2)

H7 - Latest updates from FIP member organisations (part 1)

H8 - Latest updates from FIP member organisations (part 2)

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Community Pharmacy - Collaboration

Community Pharmacy - Implementation

Community Pharmacy - Strategies

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Academic Pharmacy

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Clinical Biology

Community Pharmacy - Collaboration

Community Pharmacy - Competence

Community Pharmacy - Implementation

Community Pharmacy - other

Community Pharmacy - Pharmacy facilities

Community Pharmacy - Strategies

Dissolution/In Vitro Release Performance Testing

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