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2014 Bangkok (Thailand)


August 30

E1A - AIM Deans Forum (Part 1)

E1B - AIM Deans Forum (Part 2)

F1A - Pharmacy Technicians Symposium (part 1)

F1B - Pharmacy Technicians Symposium (part 2)

August 31

E1C - AIM Deans Forum (Part 3)

E1D - AIM Deans Forum (Part 4)

F1C - Pharmacy Technicians Symposium (part 3)

F2 - Pharmacy in Thailand

September 1

A1 - Pricing of pharmaceuticals: How are prices determined?

A2 - Medicine shortage: An ever increasing threat

B1 - Professionalism and autonomy in practice

B2 - Educating and developing the pharmacy workforce

B6 - Using Social Media to support communication between pharmacists and patients

C1 - The pharmacist: Delivering information, knowledge or wisdom?

C2 - Question Prompt Lists: A tool to empower patients 

D1 - The effective utilization of pharmacists in improving maternal, new-born and child health

D2 - Age-related medicines: Better outcomes for vulnerable patients

D9 - FIP-WGO joint session: Coping with common gastro-intestinal symptoms in the community

E13A - Edutainment: Freddy Mercury make healthcare education more entertaining

E2 - Joint FIP-WHO Session: Commitment to change - Preparing the workforce for expanded scope of practice

E3 - A competent pharmacist: Do our patients deserve more?

E4 - Enquiry-driven learning and practice: Creating the culture through education and training

F15 - Presentations from FIP member organizations (Part 1)

F3 - Personalized medicine: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics at the point-of-care

F4 - Pharmaceuticals and the environment - How green can we be?

F5 - Developing natural materials as medicines

F9 - Short oral presentations of the FIP Industrial Pharmacy Section

September 2

A3 - Ensuring access to medicines: A regulatory perspective

A4 - Do patents limit access to new medicines?

A5 - Challenges of unmet needs: Drug discovery

B3 - Are pharmacists really accessible?

B7 - Palliative care: Challenges and opportunities for the pharmacist

C3 - Experiences in developing and implementing national medicines information strategies

C4 - Incorporating innovations: Use of technology in the provision of pharmacy services and pharmaceutical care

D3 - The challenge of ethnic differences in drug response for drug development and regulation

D4 - Improving access to quality healthcare for patients with mental health conditions and patients from vulnerable groups

D5 - Diagnostics in individualised medicine and pharmacotherapy: What you need to know

D6 - Pharmacy Practice Research: Access to medicines and pharmacists’ influence on medication adherence

E13B - Edutainment: Bob Marley make healthcare education more entertaining

E14 - US-Thai Pharmacy Consortium: A successful 20 year education and training partnership

E5 - Education strategies to improve access to non-prescription medications

E7 - Learning from patients: Experiential training

F16 - Presentations from FIP member organizations (Part 2)

F6 - Information technology resources: The potential to support better patient care

MEPS - Red Cross Workshop

September 3

A6 - Insights into biosimilars and non-biological complex drugs

A7 - Regulatory facilitation of access to medicines

A8 - Clinical consequences of medicine shortages

A9 - Pharmacologistics: Getting medicines to patients in emergency situations

B4 - Image and self-concept of the pharmacist

B5 - Good Pharmacy Practice: Is it possible without the pharmacist?

B8 - Forum for innovators: Pharmaceutical services implementation – Successes and outcomes

B9 - Interventions to promote adherence to therapy

C5 - Improving the quality of the information pharmacists provide to patients

C6 - Short oral presentations on health and medicine information

E6 - Is there a need to harmonize the training of industrial pharmacists?

E8 - Implementing performance-based assessment methods 

E9 - Advancing and developing expertise for better patient care

F10 - Pharmacists in humanitarian work

F11 - Pharmacy health policy for management in military and emergency pharmacy practice

F12 - Short oral presentations of the FIP Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section

F14 - Short oral presentations of the FIP Community Pharmacy Section

F17 - Presentations from FIP Member Organisations (Part 3)

F7 - History of pharmacy

September 4

C7 - Finding and evaluating information about complementary and alternative medicines

C8 - Using IT to improve collaborative practice

D7 - Commitment to change: Your decision for everyday practice

D8 - Assisting pharmacists to improve outcomes: A toolkit

E10 - The FIP education initiatives: progress and challenges

E11 - Short oral presentations from the FIP Academic Pharmacy Section

E12 - Create a leadership vision and leave a legacy

F13 - From Basel to Bangkok: Summary of revisions to the Basel statements on the future of Hospital Pharmacy (Part 1 and 2)

F18 - Presentations from FIP member organisations (Part 4)

F8 - Biotechnology: Fundamentals of biologic medicines


Posters: Academic Pharmacy Section

Posters: Analytical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Quality

Posters: Biotechnology

Posters: Clinical Biology Section

Posters: Community Pharmacy: Access to information

Posters: Community Pharmacy: Access to medicines

Posters: Community Pharmacy: Access to pharmacists and pharmacy services

Posters: Community Pharmacy: Better outcomes for tomorrow

Posters: Drug Design and Discovery

Posters: Formulation Design and Pharmaceutical Technology

Posters: Hospital Pharmacy Section

Posters: Industrial Pharmacy Section

Posters: Natural Products

Posters: Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics & Systems Pharmacology

Posters: Pharmacy Information Section

Posters: Pharmacy Practice Research

Posters: Pharmacy Technicians

Posters: Regulatory Sciences

Posters: Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section

Posters: Translational Research and Individualized Medicines


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