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30 January 2017 

Pharmaceutical science is integral to national responses to dementia, FIP tells WHO Board

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Dementia research could double if the draft World Health Organization action plan on the public health response to dementia is adopted, FIP conveyed to the 140th WHO Executive Board meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, today (30 January). However, increased investment in pharmaceutical science related to dementia research, innovation and its governance is an integral component of the national response to dementia, the federation pointed out.

In addition, successful existing strategies show that pharmacists are well placed to be the co-organisers of awareness campaigns, screening activities and of community-based dementia partnership programmes, the WHO Executive Board was told. “There is a wide range of technical expertise among pharmacists worldwide that FIP is keen to mobilise to support the finalisation and implementation of the action plan,” the federation said. In particular, FIP added, effective action is needed to improve policy and practice in relation to responsible use of medicines and care in dementia, including through the prevention by pharmacists of medication-induced dementia. This point is not yet considered in the draft global action plan, although other comments from FIP have already been integrated.

This week, FIP also spoke to the WHO Executive Board about antimicrobial resistance, human resources for health, medicines shortages, the Global Vaccine Action Plan and cancer prevention and control. It also commented on how countries are working against counterfeit medicines on behalf of the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA).

The full statements can be accessed below:

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