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25 May 2019 

Give pharmacists access to patient records, FIP tells ministers

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Legislative support from member states is needed to enable pharmacists to take fuller responsibility for ensuring that when a patient uses a medicine, it will not cause harm, FIP told ministers today. In a statement at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, FIP explained to ministers that granting pharmacists access to patients’ medication histories would enhance responsibility and enhance patient safety.

“Pharmacists are the experts in medicines. We can ensure safety throughout the medication process, from the moment a medicine reaches the patient, through administration, treatment monitoring and follow up, to safe disposal,” said FIP’s YPG project coordinator Sherly Meilianti.

Ms Meilianti told the assembly that, in many countries, pharmacists provide medication reconciliation services that optimise medication-related care, while minimising risks and preventing errors.

FIP is working with the WHO and healthcare professional organisations on the implementation of the 3rd Global Patient Safety Challenge. See the full statement here.

FIP is making a number of statements during the 72nd World Health Assembly this week:

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