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25 November 2019 

FIP publishes new strategy

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FIP has published its new Strategic Plan, which was approved by the FIP Council in September. The plan articulates the mission of FIP in order to further strategic partnerships, purposeful collaborations and enhanced benefits for members and the profession. It defines the scope of the federation and will guide its activities for the next five years.

The Strategic Plan document sets out six strategic outcomes of the plan:

  • Everyone has access to the medicines they need.
  • Everyone has access to the health and medicines-related information they need. 
  • Everyone benefits from innovations in medicines, health technologies and services. 
  • Pharmacists ensure the responsible and quality use of medicines. 
  • Work collaboratively to ensure comprehensive and integrated healthcare outcomes for patients.
  • FIP is a cost-effective, unified, vibrant and growing organisation that meets the needs and supports the work of its members.

“FIP has led the profession globally since 1912, expanding and organising itself to include, represent and advocate for many types, sectors, sections across pharmacy, pharmacists and pharmaceutical science. Our mission remains: to support global health by enabling the advancement of pharmaceutical practice, sciences and education,” said FIP CEO Catherine Duggan.

Dr Duggan added: “Like all membership organisations in order to thrive, we must adapt to the demanding challenges facing the profession worldwide. This Strategic Plan has been developed in full consultation with our member organisations and FIP officers. With this new plan, we will maximise the strengths of our position and reach, take advantage of opportunities for growth that have been identified in the global healthcare environment, including strengthening partnerships and collaborations and we will mitigate any weaknesses and threats from competition or duplication of efforts.”

Last update 15 May 2019

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