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28 November 2019 

Broaden your horizons with the latest IPJ

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New ideas, new goals, and new opportunities are themes in a new issue of the IPJ, published today. It comprises reports from two FIP congresses: The 79th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (“New horizons for pharmacy ― Navigating winds of change”) and FIP’s first Regional Conference for the European Region (“Delivering primary health care: Pharmacists taking the next leap forward”).

Over 2,700 pharmacists from 118 countries convened in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to chart a course to new horizons for the profession. In the words of FIP’s world congress strapline, “Navigating the winds of change”, they heard, first hand, about aspirations and innovations in science, practice and education.

The science reports from the congress include progress in green pharmacy, research to protect patients from impurities in medicines, and development of new medicines: “superdrugs for superbugs” and better treatments for breast cancer. A big game changer, according to Høst Madsen Medal winner Professor Meindert Danhof, is the advance of systems therapeutics, and in an exclusive interview with IPJ, he says this will change pharmacists’ roles.

We know that new technologies are placing other revolutionary changes on pharmacy’s horizon. These technologies include artificial intelligence and machine learning, which can be harnessed to predict outcomes and improve patient care. The IPJ’s practice section contains reports on the role of pharmacists in assessing health technologies, which may include cellular therapies, gamification, and how blending human and digital care can establish optimal “apothecary intelligence”.

Don’t miss:

  • Preview of imminent OECD findings on primary health care
  • Interview with Meindert Danhof, the founding father of pharmacological models
  • Pharmacists combating tick-borne encephalitis
  • Addressing the challenge of remuneration and sustainability of services
  • Door opens to broader primary care role for community pharmacists in France
  • Harnessing the science of prediction for better patient care
  • How to disrupt, innovate and create value for your faculty
  • Links being drawn between AMR and environmental pollution
  • Research to protect patients from impurities in medicines
  • Making a difference in Yemen

And news includes:

  • FIP publishes new strategic plan to 2024
  • Universal flu vaccine may become reality
  • Self-care statement issued by FIP and pharma
  • Community pharmacists improve CVD outcomes and save money
  • Workforce transformation, endorsed by Ministry of Health, brought to Indonesia’s pharmacists
  • Homeopathy products will no longer be reimbursed in France
  • Programme addressing health impact of economic crisis and campaign highlighting the value of pharmacists scoop global awards
  • World record set during World Pharmacists Day celebrations
  • Thirteen individuals recognised for their service to pharmacy, science and FIP

All this is available now! FIP members can access the interactive magazine and pdf here.

Last update 15 May 2019

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