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5 February 2020 

Time is right to update regulation and incentives on vaccines administration by pharmacists, FIP tells WHO board

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The World Health Organization and United Nations member states were urged to promote and expand pharmacists’ roles in immunisation at the 146th WHO Executive Board meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, today. Calling for this action, FIP told the board that despite progress in driving forward the Global Vaccine Action Plan in the past decade, access to vaccines is still far from its potential. However, with empowerment of pharmacists, progress toward achieving immunisation goals will be accelerated, in line with the vision of the plan.

“The time is right to update the legal and regulatory requirements and to provide the appropriate remuneration and incentives for a public health service that clearly generates savings for both patients and health systems, as well as decreases burden on physicians,” said Zuzana Kusynová, FIP lead for policy, practice and compliance.

FIP also made statements to the board on pharmacists being an essential part of primary health care and, on behalf of the World Health Professions Alliance, on universal health coverage.

The WHO Executive Board is composed of 34 technically qualified members elected for three-year terms. The annual board meeting held in January is where the members agree on the agenda for the World Health Assembly.

The full statements can be accessed below:

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