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24 September 2020 

FIP commits to campaign demanding better representation of women in global health security

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Today, during a FIP Virtual 2020 session focusing on FIP Development Goal 10 (equity and equality), FIP committed to support the mission, vision, values and goals of the Women in Global Health COVID 50/50 campaign. This campaign is based on “five asks for gender responsive global health security”.

The commitment we made, as part of our FIP-Equity-Rx work, include to:

• Report on gender parity in its COVID-19 decision-making
• Be transparent about its policies on harassment, providing evidence of how these policies were developed, and how they have been applied in practice
• Define and determine the extent to which it, at all levels, including at the country level, depends on unpaid and underpaid work
• Collect and publish, at minimum, sex disaggregated data
• Design gender-transformative policies that support the collection and reporting of gender-disaggregated data.
• Conduct specific research to address the role of women in global health security solutions
• Amplify diverse viewpoints from women-led organizations to support a culture of change.

“Women in Global Health is delighted with FIP’s Letter of Commitment to the WGH COVID 50/50 campaign. This reiterates FIP’s continued leadership and dedication to the issue of inequities in the health & pharmacy workforce – particularly as we live through the pandemic. I commend FIP for this effort and look forward to fully supporting them with delivering on their commitments,” said Roopa Dhatt, executive director, Women in Global Health

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