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10 March 2020 

Future pharmacy leaders should revolutionise mental health, FIP president says

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The importance of equipping young pharmaceutical scientists to take care of their own mental health as well as to look out for the mental health of others was highlighted by FIP President Dominique Jordan at a conference dedicated to young scientists today.

The PSWC Young Scientists Satellite Conference runs over three days with topics including career advancement and scientific communications.  At the opening of the conference, Mr Jordan predicted how the audience would shape the the next developments in academia and entrepreneurship in the pharmaceutical sciences, but said that young leaders to should be empowered to “revolutionise mental health”,  which is still “highly stigmatised worldwide”.

Today, on the first day of the conference, young pharmaceutical scientists examined how they can pave the way to their futures in academia or entrepreneurship. Follow us on Twitter @FIP_BPS for fuller coverage.

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