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19 January 2021 

FIP calls on governments to support pharmacists in their contribution to bringing the COVID pandemic to an end

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Governments and policymakers were urged by FIP to enact legislation necessary to support pharmacists in their contribution to bringing the COVID-19 pandemic to an end at the 148th session of the World Health Organization Executive Board today.

The federation told member states that if they wish to deliver immunisation coverage as quickly as possible, pharmacists must be enabled to contribute, highlighting that in at least 36 countries, pharmacists already play an active role in administering vaccinations, with proposals or regulatory developments for vaccinations in pharmacies in a further 16 countries.

FIP also raised awareness as trained healthcare professionals, pharmacists have the appropriate skills to perform COVID-19 testing, interpret its result and advise on the appropriate action, and can therefore contribute to this important aspect of controlling the pandemic.

Read the full statement here.

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