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22 March 2021 

COVID-19 vaccine access for pharmacy teams will support vaccine equity for all, FIP says

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Ensuring early access of the pharmacy workforce to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines will contribute to accelerating access to vaccines for all, as well as the continuity of treatments and other essential services, medical products and medical devices provided by pharmacists and pharmacy teams on the front line, FIP said in a Statement of Principle released today.

In the statement, FIP stresses the critical role that pharmacy teams can play in immunising patients and populations and contributing to improving vaccination coverage in multiple ways, including evidence-based counselling and advocacy. The provision of vaccination services through pharmacies widens access to vaccines for everyone, especially hard-to-reach population groups and those in medically underserved communities. This is because pharmacies remain the most accessible health facilities despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that pharmacy teams are able to contribute to accelerating and widening equity of access to vaccination services.

FIP has signed the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Equity Declaration, which calls for worldwide action to accelerate early access to vaccines for healthcare workers on the front line, including pharmacy teams. FIP is also endorsing the declaration as part of the World Health Professions Alliance.

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