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8 May 2021 

Not yet enough evidence for use of DARPins in COVID-19, FIP advisory group says

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Members of the FIP COVID-19 Expert Advisory Group (EAG) have reviewed the evidence of DARPin (designed ankyrin repeat proteins) therapies in COVID-19. 

DARPins are a novel class of binding molecules with the potential to overcome limitations of monoclonal antibodies, hence allowing novel therapeutic approaches, particularly antiviral therapy. They permit multi-specific target binding with the potential to prevent viral mutations and are likely to be available for subcutaneous administration as well as possessing other attributes such as a long half-life for sustained activity, the potential to bypass cold storage and the possibility of scalable production. Following its review, the DARPin working group of the EAG has concluded that there is currently not enough evidence for DARPins as COVID-19 treatment.

This treatment is also not currently part of World Health Organization, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, European Medicines Agency or other national regulators’ treatment guidelines for COVID-19 (even as a clinical trial). The FIP EAG continues to scan the horizon for new treatments for COVID-19 and we will keep our members advised of latest developments.

Last update 15 May 2019

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