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17 November 2021 

New report aims to widen vaccination access in the Americas

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Pharmacists in the Americas wishing to contribute to vaccination coverage can now access a technical document published by FIP. The publication, “Pharmaceutical services in immunisation: Contributions, experiences and implementation in the Americas region”, has been produced by the Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas, and is authored by experts from the National Medicines Information Centre of the University of Costa Rica. 

It is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. It cites cases of successful participation of pharmacists in immunisation in the Americas, with examples from 10 Latin American countries as well as Canada and the USA, following a research exercise and literature review. It also contains a chapter describing the roles of pharmacists in the “immunisation chain”, from vaccines development to administration. “The pharmacist has a role to play across the entire chain,” said Eduardo Savio, president, Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas.

The Regional Pharmaceutical Forums, established with the support of the World Health Organization and FIP at least 15 years ago, are in the process of becoming more integrated with FIP. “This is the first time that FIP has published a Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas report and it is a demonstration of the outcomes of our closer working,” said FIP president Mr Dominique Jordan.

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