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27 January 2022 

FIP launches course to address gaps in digital health education

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The “Train the trainer online course on digital health” has been designed to take forward some of the recommendations in FIP’s 2021 report “Digital health in pharmacy education: Developing a digitally enabled pharmaceutical workforce”, which found that a large proportion of pharmacy schools and faculties did not offer digital health education or training and lacked experts and resources needed for digital health education. The FIP course consists of three modules covering the integration of digital health in pharmacy education and digital health curriculum development.

“Education and training are at the heart of developing a digitally equipped pharmaceutical workforce. FIP has developed this course to provide an opportunity to academics and educators to empower themselves with the knowledge and skills needed to apply in their setting and act as change-makers. The course was developed thanks to leadership from officers in FIP’s Academic Pharmacy Section and support from other officers, volunteers, and FIP staff. We are excited to share the course with our members at FIP,” said Dalia Bajis, FIP lead for provision and partnerships.

The course is only available to members of FIP. Registration is open until 31 July and the course will close at the end of September. Click here for more information.

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