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7 July 2022 

Pharmacists encouraged to expand roles in mental health with two new FIP resources

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Support for pharmacists to provide much needed mental health services is available from today through two new publications from FIP:

“Mental healthcare — A handbook for pharmacists”; and
“Knowledge and skills reference guide for professional development in mental health care”

The handbook, developed in collaboration with an international group of experts, aims to support pharmacy practice, presenting the many potential mental health care actions that pharmacists can perform, from preventing mental illness and screening for signs to optimising medication and responding to mental health crises. The reference guide is intended to accompany the handbook and defines the knowledge and skills that pharmacists need to acquire to provide such services.

“It is vital that we expand the health workforce that can flag mental health issues, provide mental health first aid, refer people with lived-experience of mental illness to specialists and provide subsequent support. Pharmacists’ accessibility and positive relationships with people in their communities can be utilised. They can be and need to be engaged in mental health, and these two new FIP resources supports them to do so,” said Paul Sinclair, chair of the FIP Board of Pharmaceutical Practice.

Last update 15 May 2019

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