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20 September 2022 

FIP sets out six ways in which it will support pharmacists and patients through disasters

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FIP today committed to six actions to support the pharmacy profession through disasters. The commitments made at the end of a plenary congress session entitled “Leading in times of crisis and beyond”, are as follow:

  • Support pharmacy associations with an overview of the skills that pharmacists might need when working in disaster preparedness or emergency situations
  • Liaise with national ministries of health and other relevant stakeholders to increase the impact and outcomes for pharmacists working in these settings.
  • Create visibility for the specific role pharmacists can also have to encourage colleagues around the world to engage in humanitarian activities.
  • Share among FIP member organisations any opportunities for engagement and success stories in these areas, promoting cross-collaboration
  • Continue to engage our stakeholders and empower our regional and national leaders and members to strengthen humanitarian work.
  • Promote interprofessional collaborative work in humanitarian settings.

These actions will also support continued treatment for patients during disasters, the federation said. For the full wording of the commitment, click here.

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