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6 October 2022 

FIP’s sets out commitment to establish strategies on developing and implementing CPD in new policy statement

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Today FIP published an updated Statement of Policy on continuing professional development (CPD) recognising that pharmacists acquiring, developing and maintaining professional competence throughout their careers is a fundamental and ethical requirement, and setting out FIP’s commitments to help them achieve this.

Whereas a previous 2002 statement defined CPD and continuing education, and made a number of general recommendations, the latest statement greatly expands on this and contains a number of recommendations specifically for government agencies and policymakers, for FIP member organisations and national pharmaceutical associations, for CPD providers, for employers and for pharmacists themselves.

“As pharmacists’ roles continue to expand, it is essential that they commit to lifelong learning and that they maintain and develop competence relevant to current and future levels of professional practice,” said. Rula Darwish, chair of FIP’s CPD Policy Committee. She added: “As well as demonstrating pharmacists’ commitment, participation in CPD enhances the profession’s reputation and, ultimately, improves patient care. FIP’s new CPD statement provides a foundation upon which this can be built.”


Last update 15 May 2019

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