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8 December 2022 

Sports pharmacy highlighted as a specialty area in a new report from FIP

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FIP has teamed up with colleagues from the International Sports Pharmacists Network to publish a global overview of sports pharmacy practice and education, released today. The report highlights how pharmacists have been using their pharmacy knowledge and skills to act as key athlete support personnel through pharmaceutical care, doping control and providing services at sporting events. It defines sports pharmacy as a specialty area and outlines the knowledge and skills required to practise it. “Since the publication of FIP guidelines on ‘The role of the pharmacist in the fight against doping in sport’ in 2014, the work of many individual pharmacists has nurtured sports pharmacy into an expanding specialty. This growth occurred parallel to and often intertwined with growth of the anti-doping movement. Internationally, major stakeholders acknowledge sports pharmacists as key contributors to anti-doping and clean sport initiatives. Facets of pharmaceutical care for athletes led by experienced sports pharmacists have become embedded in sports medicine around the world. The specialty of sports pharmacy is no longer a niche area but is one gaining traction as a recognised speciality on a global scale,” explained Mark Stuart, co-author and a sports pharmacist who has worked at many Olympic Games. In addition to discussing sports pharmacy education and qualifications, the report includes sections on pharmacists’ roles in the anti-doping movement, therapeutic use of prohibited medicines and risk assessment of dietary supplements.

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