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25 January 2023 

Guidance on reflux from FIP aims to support health system sustainability

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Supporting self-care of reflux symptoms is the topic of new quick reference guidance for pharmacists published by FIP today. The guidance covers causes of the symptoms, experiences of patients, triage, and pharmacological and non-pharmacological management options. “Reflux is common in the community and giving advice on this condition is part of pharmacists’ daily practice. Reflux symptoms can be influenced by lifestyle factors, including diet and body weight, and it is important to consider modifications in risk factors and behaviours that can increase symptom frequency, severity and magnitude,” said Rúben Viegas, FIP practice development and transformation projects coordinator and author of the guidance. The guidance has been produced as part of FIP’s work to increase the sustainability of health systems through empowering self-care.

Last update 15 May 2019

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