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16 May 2023 

FIP Technology Advisory Group reports on advancements in digital pharmacy

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A new report on “Advancements in digital pharmacy post COVID-19” is now available from FIP. The report is based on discussions at an event led by the FIP Technology Advisory Group in February on how digital health is changing care delivery for pharmacists and improving public health. The speakers have summarised their messages so that their expertise on topics such as health apps for blended pharmaceutical care, digital services in community pharmacy and benefits of technology in hospital pharmacy can be shared. “Digital health is rapidly evolving and promises to transform how health care is delivered and consumed. It is important to explore advances at the intersection of health and technology and how pharmacy can embrace emerging modalities in the digital health ecosystem. It is also important to share perspectives for leveraging digital health tools to improve patient care and for all of us to gain a deeper understanding of them,” the group chairs Lars-Åke Söderlund and Jaime Acosta said in a communication to FIP members. Click here to access the report.

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