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20 October 2023 

Second FIP-UNESCO UNITWIN centre for excellence launched

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Today, FIP launched a new FIP-UNESCO UNITWIN centre for excellence in South-East Asia, aiming to promote an integrated system of pharmacy research, teaching and training, as well as community engagement and communication. Seven universities from five countries in the World Health Organization South-East Asia region (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand) are founding members.

“Our second FIP-UNESCO UNITWIN centre for excellence leverages the achievements and expertise gained from the pioneering FIP-UNITWIN Network and its distinguished FIP UNESCO UNITWIN Centre for Excellence in Africa. . . . Our regional approach recognises that one size does not fit all for pharmaceutical education transformation because of the diverse needs and systems across different countries and regions,” said FIP CEO Catherine Duggan.

Anticipated key outcomes include adapting the FIP Global Competency Framework for the region, creating a professional development toolkit and establishing an academic capacity training series. FIP plans to have centres of excellence in each WHO world region by 2024.

Find out more about the FIP-UNESCO UNITWIN Programme here.

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