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27 November 2023 

New training to equip pharmacists in India to become vaccinators

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Forty pharmacists in India are taking part in a new "train the trainer" programme launched by the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) in collaboration with FIP’s Academic Pharmacy Section and Community Pharmacy Section this week. The training involves 15 online modules covering topics from vaccine production and constituents to the national immunisation programme in India, followed by face-to-face training and assessment. It is expected that further groups will be trained in due course. “It is very heartening that FIP and IPA have worked together on these online vaccination training modules. Training pharmacists to be vaccinators and authorising vaccinations at community pharmacies in India will contribute to a more sustainable and accessible primary health care model, benefitting our people. I encourage fellow pharmacists from India to gear up to be equipped to be vaccinators. Step by step, IPA will provide opportunities for pharmacists in the country to get trained," said IPA president T.V. Narayana.

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