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31 January 2024 

New guide for pharmacists on managing iron deficiency anaemia published

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Guidance for pharmacists to manage symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia (including supporting self-care) and to prevent the condition is shared in a new FIP handbook today. “With the increasing role of pharmacists in the healthcare system, pharmacists can play a vital role in providing health information on the prevention and management of iron deficiency anaemia. It is, therefore, a pleasure to present this comprehensive handbook for pharmacists to serve as a guiding resource. This handbook was developed in response to the recommendations from a FIP roundtable report in 2022, which highlighted the increasing opportunity for pharmacists to contribute to achieving the World Health Organization’s target of reducing anaemia by 50% among women of reproductive age by 2025,” said FIP CEO Catherine Duggan. The handbook describes iron deficiency anaemia roles for pharmacists in community pharmacies, hospitals and research. It also provides the knowledge needed to offer advice to special populations, such as children, non-pregnant women of reproductive age, pregnant individuals and breastfeeding mothers, elderly people with chronic diseases, and patients with chronic blood loss.

Last update 15 May 2019

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