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23 May 2024 

New FIP campaign advocates for the pharmacy profession around the world

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“Think Health, Think Pharmacy” is a new global campaign launched by FIP today to raise awareness of pharmacies as places of primary health care provision and to advocate for pharmacists as healthcare professionals. Despite substantial and recent advancements in pharmacy practice, too many people still perceive pharmacies as commercial enterprises rather than places of healthcare provision, which is an obstacle to pharmacists providing the services that they are trained to provide and that our health systems and communities desperately need, the federation says. 

“Our profession proved its ability and dedication to the health of their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and now is the time to make a bigger push for more professional recognition and the additional pharmacy services that go with that. This campaign is an important strategy to advocate for our members and the wider profession around the world,” FIP president Paul Sinclair said. FIP’s “Think Health, Think Pharmacy” campaign, supported by a statement from the FIP Bureau published today, will be a long-running campaign, sustained through regular releases of new campaign materials and other activities. More information and the first set of campaign assets are now available here.

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