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FIP asks its members to take 10 actions to accelerate pharmaceutical workforce transformation

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The Hague • 25 October 2023

Today, on the fifth anniversary of the Astana Declaration on primary health care, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) has issued a document calling on its 156 national member organisations, individual members and global pharmacy agencies to take action to accelerate pharmaceutical workforce transformation.

The “FIP Brisbane Calls to Action” document describes 10 actions, which include advocating enhanced training pathways for professional recognition to better address healthcare challenges, and developing adaptable systems, tools and mechanisms (including competency development frameworks), that will support the development of a range of progressive roles for pharmacists, including in preventive health care and prescribing. These actions were developed with the consensus of over 120 delegates from more than 40 countries attending a workforce symposium “Accelerating towards 2030: Workforce transformation for better health”, hosted by the FIP Global Pharmaceutical Observatory (GPO) and the FIP Hub in Brisbane, Australia, in September.

“This symposium represented a mid-term point between FIP’s Global Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Education in 2016 — at which a global vision for the pharmaceutical workforce was created — and the World Health Organization Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health 2030 ambitions. This has marked a significant opportunity to review our pharmacy workforce transformation objectives, and our Brisbane Calls to Action were developed, driven by expert insights and current evidence from FIP GPO and Hub,” said FIP CEO Dr Catherine Duggan.

The symposium delegates also expressed enthusiasm for a revised mission plan for the global pharmacy workforce. “Since 2016, and in a post-COVID evolving healthcare landscape, we have seen transformative changes in health care, notably with increasing challenges on primary health care delivery. As we move forward, FIP is working on a range of follow-up resources, including a comprehensive strategy and roadmap and accompanying guides and tools to further empower our efforts to transform the pharmacy workforce and advance global health,” Dr Duggan said.

Notes for editors
More information about the FIP Global Pharmaceutical Observatory programme here and about the FIP Hub here.

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, and is in official relations with the World Health Organization. Through our 156 member organisations, we represent over four million practitioners and scientists around the world. Our vision is a world where everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and pharmaceutical care.

Lin-Nam Wang, head of communications & advocacy
International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
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