Counterfeiting. Need for GPP implementation and regulated distribution


Rx to OTC switches. Pharmaceutical companies

are seeking a broader market.

Need for increased intervention from pharmacists

to ensure patient safety and

rational use of medicines;

Increased scope of intervention.

Trends in Service


Product focus to service focus. Pharmacists in more partnership roles;

Need to evaluate pharmaceutical services and

manage its implementation.

Old services new models; Increased demand for


Automation and use of robots is being introduced in the

dispensing activities;

Possible change in role definition of technicians and


Pharmacies as an entry-point to primary care and triage


Increase in the number and type of services that can be

provided in pharmacies;

Healthcare workforce issues; governments/payers seeking

to transfer care from

secondary to primary care;

Possibility of pharmacy-based laboratory testing.

Need for more workforce and better/different skills at

pharmacies (continuing

education; change of

pharmacists curriculum);

Infrastructures needed for counselling and service


New services - Payment for products not sustainable.

Remuneration for services/fee- for-service:

- Services based on patient- specific diagnosis;

- Services based on patient-