IV. The strategies for CPS are

1. Acting as a resource centre for pharmacy practice development, including, but not limited to, Pharmacovigilance, Good Pharmacy

Practice (GPP), and Pharmaceutical Care;

2. Advancing community pharmacy practice, with a special focus on collaboration and the 2012 FIP Centennial Declaration;

3. Enhancing communications.


Strategy 1: CPS as a resource centre

The overall goal is to be an effective resource centre for member community

pharmacists and pharmaceutical organizations.

Strategy 1

The goal is to collect and disseminate knowledge, information and practical

experiences on pharmacy practice in the primary health care sector for the

benefit of Individual Members and Member Organisations.

The business plan for the period 2012-2016 comprises the following elements:

to regularly publish electronic newsletters; to maintain a database on pharmacy practice abstracts and posters

presented at the annual congresses;

to collaborate with national and international pharmaceutical associations and to contribute to organising symposia and other

educational activities between the annual congresses of FIP;

to develop fee generating services /products; to contribute to the professional work of FIP within community

pharmacy practice development;

to be a hub for international web links pertinent to community pharmacy practice;

to direct members to the best available resources for pharmacovigilance, good pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical care.

Strategy 2: Advancing community pharmacy practice

The overall goal is to assist members in managing change and ultimately to

advance community pharmacy practice, by providing them with the necessary

tools to effectively make the needed transition in a changing environment.

Strategy 2