The section should therefore provide a platform to its individual members as

well as their representative organisations to:

Manage professional change; Develop new professional services; Share experiences of the development, dissemination and

implementation of cognitive services;

Be aware of and updated on ongoing projects; Follow-up the programmes and statements accepted by FIP and BPP

related to community pharmacy.

The business plan for the period 2012-2016 comprises the following elements:

Educational activities

CPS will organise an accredited programme during the Annual Congress of FIP

with sessions that are targeted to members and non-members of the Section as

well as for policy makers, innovators and special interest groups with the

following features:

The programme should cover the whole congress week and provide different platforms for practitioners, leaders and special interest


Part of the programme should be organised in collaboration with other sections, Young Pharmacists Group (YPG) and IPSF and with the

Regional Pharmaceutical Forums;

The programme should be organised in support of the advancement of pharmacy practice in developed as well as in developing countries;

The programme shall be seen as a laboratory of learning and innovative in its lay out, comprising front-line presentations as well as

Forums with participant s involvement, interaction, sharing of

experiences and stimulating networking.

Collaborative Pharmacy Practice

Integrating pharmacists into a collaborative healthcare team improves patient

outcomes. CPS will endeavour to promote Collaborative Pharmacy Practice to

enable our members to optimize healthcare resources, optimize

pharmacoeconomics, and deliver superior clinical practice for patient benefit.