1.2. The context - Global Trends and Challenges Global trends and challenges in healthcare

have been extensively discussed and

presented at various venues and in

documents prepared and disseminated by

National and International Professional

Organisations. This exercise has been

identified as necessary in order to build a

vision for the profession, which has a

positive impact on society in general, and

healthcare provision in particular.

In 2009, FIP conducted an external analysis

on the current and profession-wide

concerns that are and will be of importance

in the development and improvement of

healthcare. Since then, additional internal

discussions have taken place. Furthermore,

countries such as Canada, UK, the

Netherlands, Scotland and Australia have

produced documents in which trends are

also analysed and solutions put forward. A

synopsis of these analyses and views is

presented in Table I. Table I

Trends and Challenges Rationale

Demographic and Societal


Both the population of the world and its economy will continue to grow; however, in unequally distributed patterns.

This affects the prevalence of poverty, aging of populations

and health distribution in urban/ rural developments;

There are major differences in trends between developed, transitional and developing countries;

Spread of Social Networking systems that allow broad-based communication among patients with specific diseases;

Increasing existence of Web-based Patient Record Systems which allow patient and provider access.

Disease Burden Factors Leading causes of disease burden continue to include a mix of communicable and non-communicable diseases. However,

much variation exists between high-, low- and middle-income

countries, with the latter two continuing to experience much

higher morbidity and mortality due to communicable diseases,

coupled with an increased burden from non-communicable

disease factors;

Diseases usually require drug therapy, but access and affordability make that a challenge in many countries,

including in some developed countries.