further development of pharmacy

practice within the primary health care

sector in countries all over the world.

Strategies for CPS

1. Acting as a resource centre for pharmacy practice development

2. Advancing community pharmacy practice

3. Improving communications

Having roughly reached the end of the 5-

year term of the Strategic Plan, it is

expected that the Section reviews and

renews the document in light of new

advancements within the FIP structure, the

pharmaceutical world in general and the

community pharmacy setting in particular.

Additionally, in 2009, FIP disseminated the

document FIP Vision 2020. This strategic

document was adopted unanimously by the

FIP Council during the World Congress of

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,

which took place in Basel, Switzerland. Its

aim is to present the frameworks and tools

to enable FIP s Mission. The document

includes External and Internal Situational

analyses, followed by the articulation of

FIP s Vision and Mission. The strategic

objectives and approaches explain how FIP s

Vision and Mission are expected to be

effectively implemented.

Moreover, several organisations throughout

the world have worked on Strategic and

Vision documents that depict the challenges

to and opportunities for Community

Pharmacy in the coming years 2-7. The

Pharmaceutical Group of the European

Union (PGEU) is finalizing a European

Community Pharmacy Blueprint, which

reflects the desire among European

community pharmacists to advance the

pharmacy profession and community

pharmacy practice in order to meet patients

needs and current challenges in healthcare.

The Section therefore reflected on the

pertinence and need of developing its own

Vision for Community Pharmacy for the year

2020, as a guiding platform to the Strategic

Plan to be implemented in the coming years.

It should also serve as a contribution, which

builds on the FIP document Vision 2020 and

individual National Pharmaceutical

Organisation documents.

Having agreed upon and determined the

development of such document, it was

decided to include the Sections members

both individual as well as organisations in

the reflection process.

Given that the Annual Congress of FIP is by

far the largest and most important event for

pharmacists around the world, in which

hundreds of community pharmacists

participate, the Section considered it was

the right venue to put forward some themes

for discussion and debate. These themes

would be the ones to be included in the

Vision document, and its content would

reflect the conclusions reached.

Consequently, during the 90th FIP World

Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical

Sciences, held in Lisbon in 2010, the