Table IV

Community Pharmacies Key Strengths

there is a readily available network of trusted health professionals and their teams based in the heart of communities;

people can readily access a wide range of medicines and other healthcare products and advice over the counter;

community pharmacies are easily accessible due to their geographic distribution; pharmacies are open at times which suit patients and consumers many late into the

evenings or at weekends;

pharmacies provide a convenient and less formal environment for those who cannot easily access or do not choose to access other kinds of health service, or who simply want readily

available, sound professional advice and help to deal with everyday health concerns and


many pharmacies now have dedicated consultation areas specifically for private discussions.

Throughout the world, new legislation has

allowed pharmacies to offer an ever-

expanding range of clinical services.

Public health interventions,

pharmaceutical care, rational medicine use

and effective medicines supply

management are key components of an

accessible, sustainable, affordable and

equitable health care system which ensures

the efficacy, safety and quality of medicines.

It is clear that pharmacy has an important

role to play in the health sector reform

process. To do so, however, the role of

pharmacists needs to be redefined and


World Health Organization

Pharmacies have been called upon to

engage further in health promotion, disease

prevention and ensuring rational use of

medicines, specifically by 3:

treating more people for common minor ailments (such as coughs, colds,

minor stomach and skin problems);

providing timely and opportunistic advice on eating a healthy diet,

increasing physical activity, weight

management and reducing alcohol


taking on a much more visible and active role in improving the public s

health through provision of stop

smoking services, sexual health

services such as chlamydia screening

and access to contraception, including

emergency hormonal contraception,

involvement in immunisation services,

including administration of vaccines,