3. VISION FOR PHARMACY 2020 In this section, after we describe an

overview of the Vision, we will elaborate on

no less than ten distinct components that

impact Community Pharmacy.

To anticipate the future it is crucial to

acknowledge the past. Much has changed in

the last century. For instance, in less than

100 years, there has been a doubling of the

average life expectancy22. In addition, the

emphasis is increasingly being shifted to

quality of life rather than just longevity.

And as highlighted in the FIP Vision 2020,

living productive, meaningful and satisfying

lives depends on good health in body, mind,

and spirit.

To help achieve this goal, healthcare

professionals have been called upon to work

collaboratively with the patient as their

focus. The integration of care is nowadays

considered paramount to ensure access to

quality healthcare.

FIP challenges pharmaceutical professionals

to embrace a wide range of responses and

commitments: establishing and meeting

high standards of professional practice,

identifying and taking on significant

responsibilities in pharmacy practice

research, and initiating and building

relationships to ensure sustainable quality

healthcare systems based on efficacious and

safe uses of medicines worldwide.

Pharmacists should be dedicated to advance

patient-focused, medicine-centred

healthcare practices for all 23.

There is an envisioned future for pharmacy

where it s importance is largely

acknowledged for the added value it brings

to health care in general and medicines use

in particular.

In this future:

there is adequate access to pharmacists;

there is adequate access to quality medicines, guaranteed by a safe and

secure distribution system;

the pharmacy team optimises patient outcomes and is key to the effective,

rational and safe use of medicines;

the pharmacist delivers patient- centred services in cooperation with

other healthcare professionals, in areas

such as health promotion, disease

prevention and chronic disease


pharmacies act as a gateway to the healthcare system and are central to its


pharmacists services are remunerated according to the expertise and

complexity of the care provided.