3.2. LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK AND REGULATION Legislation should support and foster

pharmaceutical practice in accordance

with the pharmacist expertise and skills, as

driven by societal demands. It should take

into account recent trends in service

provision, as well as innovative models to

deliver care, whilst recognizing traditional

roles of pharmacists.

Regulation is indispensable for public

protection. Healthcare is an imperfect

market and does not respond to

competition as other markets do 27.

Healthcare systems are complex, there is

often a significant information asymmetry

between providers and consumers, and

care is highly customized to individual

needs, making standard solutions

inappropriate. Although some competition

may be introduced in the pharmaceutical

sector, governments must make sure that it

occurs at the right level and at the right


Proposed Actions 2,4,5,6,21

Enact a legal framework that: o defines who can practice pharmacy; o defines the scope of pharmacy practice; o ensures the integrity of the supply chain and the quality of medicines.

Enact an enabling regulatory framework, authorizing pharmacists to deliver expanded services in new practice models, including but not limited to: initiating, modifying,

continuing and monitoring drug therapy; ordering and accessing laboratory results; and

administering drugs and vaccines by injection, in both collaborative and independent

practice models;

Monitor and effect legislation and its impact on patient care, pharmacy practice and the integrity of the drug distribution system (e.g., drug product licensing, roles and scopes of

practice of health professionals);

Monitor and effect privacy legislation to ensure access to, use of and disclosure of personal health information for clinical and quality assurance purposes, while protecting

the confidentiality and security of patient s information;

Facilitate or conduct research on evidence-based and cost-effective solutions, that help to inform the development of professional programs to be implemented within

community pharmacy