I. The Community Pharmacy Section of FIP

The Community Pharmacy Section is constituted in accordance with

Article 21 of the FIP Statutes.

The aims of the Section as stated in the Statutes of the section are

to improve the professional standards of pharmacy and encourage the realisation of the social aims of the profession

as a part of public health and as a pharmaceutical service to

the community;

to plan and be responsible for the activities of FIP in the field of community pharmacy;

to provide and exchange information which will assist in the coordination and improvement of the scientific, technical and

professional activities of pharmacists in community pharmacy;

to organise meetings for members of the Section during and between FIP Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


to study and report upon any matter of interest to pharmacists in community pharmacy.


II. The CPS mission is

to assist pharmacists, wherever they live and practise, in the delivering of medicines, health products and services that will improve medicine

use and advance patient care.


III. The vision for CPS is

to develop strong relationships with all pharmaceutical associations that have focus on community pharmacists and pharmacists with

other primary care functions and services;

to support pharmacists so that they can fulfil their responsibilities towards society and provide their services at a high professional level;

to be a meeting point for pharmacists so that CPS can facilitate further development of pharmacy practice within the primary health

care sector in countries all over the world;